Wild Cherry Whiskey

My favourite fruit is the cherry and I thought I would combine this with one of my favourite drinks -whiskey to make this super simple after-dinner beverage.  If you like bakewell tarts you are going to love this recipe.  You don’t need a fancy whiskey either because the cherries will take over and the stones add an almondy element but the whiskey will give it body.

I found some cherries on a tree walking down to my friends house but when I returned with my extender grabbers, borrowed from my grandma, all the cherries had all been stripped from the tree!


My Welsh mate, Allun, blamed the Polish community.  Josie, my housemate, thinks its parakeets. Its an ongoing debate.  I kept my eyes open and found some trees next to my house in Brockwell Park.  It’s funny when you’re not looking for something you just see trees and green.

Stuff you need

2 handfulls of wild Cherries
Kiln Glass jar
Whiskey (doesn’t have to be a good one)


What to do

Identify a cherry tree and paitiently wait for some cherries to appear (normally June-July).  Freeze your cherries for about 4 hours or over night and then chuck them into the kiln jar with the whiskey.  Freezing them will break the skin and let the whiskey in.

Shake it vigorously- like your making a cocktail.  Leave for 2 months.  Sieve and serve on the rocks or as a shooter.

The longer you leave it the more the stones will flavour the whiskey, to give it a nutty bitterness with sweet cherry notes.  After a month it tastes really marzipany and is a great after dinner digestive.  It is also a good ingredient for cakes, so I made a damson frangipan tart with a good slosh of wild cherry whiskey.


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