About Project Season

Welcome to Project Season! Cooking, growing, brewing and foraging adventures decided by the time of year or what mother nature decides to give me.  Making food and drink out of nothing is what its all about and sharing it with friends and family makes it that bit tastier.  Its not the destination that’s important though, the journey of experimentation is what makes projecteering decided by the season all the more fun. There’s always next year to perfect it.

I love free food and drink.  I was a chef and a gardner for a couple of years, the journey from land to taste buds and the exciting ways it changes from season to season has always fascinated me.  I also found out how to brew elderflower champagne for only a couple of quid when I under 18, so that helped. But I have never wanted to make a career in the kitchen though, this is my hobby and I never want it to be tainted by stress.  All my projects end up with eating and drinking something great or knowing what to do next season.  I always like something on the back burner to look forward to.

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Me and some foraged chestnuts.  I made some banging chestnut biscuits.  Just took a while to dry ’em and grind ’em into flour.